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Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1998. And has been engaged in the manufacturing of Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Gas / Steam Flow Metering Systems & other related process instruments.

The Electromagnetic flow meter is an indigenously developed product & has been launched in 2001. So far the installations of this product has exceeded 6000 numbers at various places in India & Abroad. They are used in various applications like Water Distribution, Sewage Water Treatment, Effluent Measurement, Slurry & other Viscous Liquid Measurements in various public & private sectors. The sizes available from 3/8” line to 64” line size (DN 10 to DN 1600).

Our Gas and Steam Flow Metering System, which is orifice based product has been installed in many sectors. It comes in version with density compensation and without density compensation.

Manas has a calibration laboratory for the Electromagnetic Flow Meters as per ISO 4185. The automation work for the lab is presently in process. We have been accredited with ISO certification. A task force of well qualified and dedicated people backed with efficient leadership is behind the success of our products.

In the global market Manas Microsystems has carved a niche in the field of Electromagnetic Flowmeters and Orifice based Flowmetering Systems. We have been dedicated to improve the quality and advancing technology since the year of our inception in 1998.

With Engineering excellence, technology, skilled workmanship and efficient leadership, we have become one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier of various types of electromagnetic flow meters, Steam and Gas Flow meters and other process Instrumentation Our Products have been exported to New Zealand, Middle East, South Asia and UK. We have catered to various industries in India. We have been working on various water distribution systems for Maharashtra Jal Board, as we have been registered with Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran as their vendor.

We have been accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

“Our Flow Calibration lab is now Accredited for ISO17025 by NABL”.

With our workmanship skills and dedication to achieve total customer satisfaction, we have always maintained an edge over our competitors in terms of quality, pricing and timely delivery.