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Our Newly Launched Product

2mm Electromagnetic Flow Meter

We are glad to inform you that our smallest bore electromagnetic flow has just been released. One of the smallest bore sizes in the world, this flowmeter has a tiny bore size of just 2 mm.

To meet a special requirement of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), we developed this flowmeter. For one of its precision water applications, IIT was looking for a liquid flow meter. The required flow range was 0.05 LPM to 0.5 LPM. It was a challenge to produce a small bore flowmeter for such a small flow range, as it called for intricate design and precision in manufacturing.

The fact that there are hardly any manufacturers in the world who make such small-range flow meters, was proof enough to understand that the task was challenging.

Manas took the challenge and after a lot of design iterations and testing, was successful in developing this tiny size; A 2 mm bore flow meter with a half-inch end connection! Now with this smallest flow meter, we can meet a flow range as small as 30 LPH. Manas is now amongst very few manufacturers in the world who make such small-size electromagnetic flowmeters.